DragonBall Z- Saiyan Saga

DragonBall Z is a hugely popular anime that has success all over the world. We grew up watching DragonBall Z and it provided many years of entertainment and enjoyment for us. We, like many other DBZ fans, were sorely disappointed with Hollywood’s attempt and producing a live action DBZ film. So using crowd funding we […]

| 20th February, 2014

Insane office escape: Jedi Edition

This short was inspired by the amazing Biting Elbows music video. Being the huge StarWars/Sci-fi fans that we are, we put our own spin on it. We shot this film in one day and has the assistance of the excellent martial arts/stunt team – Ronin Fight crew.

| 21st March, 2013

Martial Arts Vs Zombies

Two survivors of the Zombie apocalypse, with very special martial arts/tricking skill sets, attempt to save a group of civilians, by putting the hurt on the hoard! This is a fun action thriller with a dark sense of humour. This short had developed a bit of cult following and has been screened at many festival […]

| 21st February, 2013

Goku with a Go Pro

The short is designed to put a big fat smile on your face! We wanted to give the viewer the feeling of flying, which we created through a combination of drone shots, green screen and some amazing locations in the Peak District (UK). Based around the famous Anime DragonBall Z, we wanted it to feel […]

| 18th January, 2013

Watch Dogs

Set in Chicago, where a central network of computers connects everyone and everything. Aiden Pearce is a brilliant hacker and former thug whose criminal past led to a violent family tragedy. Aiden will use his incredible hacking skills to seek justice for those events. This short was commissioned for the Machinima interactive film festival (MIFF).

| 21st December, 2012

Batman: The Bloody Valentine

Commissioned by Machinima, this is a dark and twisted take on the Jokers love affair with the Batman and how we will go to any length to get the bats attention! We had a large number of extras for this shoot as well as a big stunt team, so it was a complicated shoot, but […]

| 11th March, 2012

DragonBall Z Saiyan Saga – Webseries Preview

We produced and directed this short preview scene, to promote the online web series based on the hugely popular anime ‘DragonBall Z’. The video now has over 500,000 online and was shared by creator of Marvel comics, Stan Lee!

| 11th March, 2012

DC FanCast – Official Promo

We co-directed and produced this promo film for BSkyB’s new show, DC Fancast. The promo starred Rick Jones and followed him as he narrowly escaped the attacks of the League of Assassins, whilst being saved by DC super heroes like the Flash and Arrow. The promo went online on Sky 1’s YouTube channel as well […]

| 11th March, 2012

Cable: Chronicles of Hope

Cable: Chronicles of Hope

In a distopian future, a race of mutants have all but been wiped out. The fate of their future lies with a young girl named Hope and her time travelling protector Cable, as they battle with forces that want to end the mutant race for good!

| 17th January, 2011