About K&K


George and Harry Kirby make up K&K Productions, a full service production house and talented directing duo, based in the UK.

After both working in the UK film and television industry, we decided to start our own company and have been producing, directing, shooting and editing our own films for over seven years. During that time, we have been fortunate enough to be able to surround our selves with an excellent team of talented and like minded people that make up the rest of K&K.

We are huge gaming/film geeks and love action, which is clear in all our videos. We pride ourselves on being able to achieve high end results for minimal budgets.

We first broke onto the YouTube scene with our live action fan trailer based on the hugely popular anime series DragonBall Z. With over 10 million views and counting on that video, as well as a following of over 250,000 users across our social networking sites, we decided to produce a host of other popular films – covering everything from the Zombie apocalypse to Star Wars.

We have also turned our attentions to some of our favourite gaming titles including League of Legends. Using our talents for action, visual effects and story telling, we have brought the world of L.O.L to life like never seen before, faithfully adapting the stories of the Champions that millions have come to know and love. These videos have garnered over 2.5 million views online.

Our films have led us to work with several large online networks like Machinima, the Collective and various gaming companies, including UbiSoft.

If your looking for your video to go viral or are simply looking for directors for your short/feature film, then K&K are the people for the job.